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Russian Brides

Why Foreigners Choose Russian Brides?

The reasons are:

  • They are incredibly attractive. They are distinguished by their femininity and natural beauty, but they do not forget to look after themselves either. For example, they love to dress stylishly all the time. Russian girls put on makeup and heels even when they go to the grocery store. They have lush long hair, and they look after it all the time. It is also impossible not to note their magnificent figure. Most Russian brides have a slim figure, and that is because they regularly visit the gym and eat healthy food. Russian women adore to look feminine and beautiful, because it is embedded in their culture;
  • Russian girls are known for their strong character. They have to do multiple things on their own: work 8 hours a day, at the same time monitor the house, care for the husband, and visit relatives. This mainly happens because of the difficult economic and political situation in Russia. It is very tiring, but also tempers their character. They do not know what the word "laziness means;
  • They are extremely friendly. Russian girls are not only distinguished by their unique appearance, but also by their character traits. You can be sure that they are kind and sincere. They never cheat or lie to their husband, because it is considered as a great sin. Moreover, they never try to act like someone that they actually aren’t. They think positively and are distinguished by their vision of the world. All this is explained by the fact that Russian brides are often raised in strong and loving families. They have been given a great example from their very childhood and are taught how to be exemplary wives;
  • Russian girls have an excellent mindset. Even despite the huge amount of work they have to do, they still find time for self-development. Most of them have a higher education, and some even have more than one. Learning for them is a great honor;
  • Russian brides are incredibly talented. Most of them have a talent for either drawing, singing, or cooking food. They are very creative and hardworking;
  • They have great patience and will never begin to quarrel over trifles. They also have a very important feature that is so appreciated by foreigners: the ability to speak and support when it is so necessary, and also to remain silent when the situation requires it. This is a very important aspect that is underestimated by a lot of people;
  • Family means everything to them.  If in Europe and the United States are full of feminists who focus exclusively on themselves and their careers, then it is considered wild for Russia. Russian brides dream of getting married, having a child, and taking care of her child and husband. They seek to get married as early as possible, because this is one of the main goals of their lives. This quality is very much appreciated by foreign guys who also want to create a strong family with a Russian beauty;
  • Russian women know how to save money. They never spend money for nothing, but make expenses systematically and with the expectation of the benefit of the family. In addition, they keep everything that they inherited from their ancestors, for example: a set of dishes, books, paintings, jams, old toys. They value and honor the memory of their ancestors.


Best Places to Look For a Russian Bride


  • If you really like polite, interesting and noble Russian girls, you can visit the concert hall, exhibition, library, museum, etc. Here you can easily start a conversation on an event, exhibit or book. If your interests coincide, there is a big chance that your communication will continue;
  • If you are into sports and people leading a healthy lifestyle, try to visit pools, stadiums, fitness centers, skating rinks, etc. more often. You can meet your soulmate while training, and then chat and practice together;

  • Many couples claim to have met in public transport. If you like trips and travels, the probability of a desired meeting increases at times. You can even meet a Russian bride while waiting for the bus;

  • Corporate events and theme parties are also great places to look for your love. Relaxed communication will help you learn about each other better and continue communication after the meeting. As the results show, it is after such events that many new acquaintances and friends appear;

  • Attend various business seminars and personal growth trainings. There you can find many new friends, and it is possible that you will meet your love;

  • Sign up for any courses you like. It can be dancing, yoga, learning Russian, playing instruments, cooking, etc. In addition to development, you will get good like-minded people and be able to find your Russian woman;

  • A lot of people meet in parks, on the streets, in cafes. Try to walk more in the fresh air, and take a book with you or other attribute that will help you not to get bored during your walk. As a rule, this attribute is often the reason to start communication. You are surrounded by Russian beauties everywhere, so try to be more sociable and smiling;

  • If acquaintances and friends call you for a walk, party, wedding, etc., do not stay at home! Perhaps this is where you will meet someone interesting and be able to relax. In such an environment, people are surrounded by positive, beautiful emotions and good mood, which increases your chances of meeting a wonderful Russian bride;

  • Dating Sites. If you don’t have enough time to search for a Russian woman in real life, or you still don’t live in Russia, then you can try out online dating sites. You can start off with free dating sites and see how much you like it. However, you have to understand that there are a lot of guys just like you looking for their love, so it might be hard to compete at times. There are also paid dating sites that might be a better option, because you get a lot more attention and the woman knows that you are ready to pay money just to talk to her;

  • Social networks. Russian brides love sitting in social networks, so this might be a great option. The only downside is that not all of the girls sitting in social networks are looking for serious relationships, so you might have to waste some time before you find one;

  • Marriage agencies. This is kind of a better option of dating sites. You still have to pay, and pay a lot more, but you can find any women of your taste and start chatting with her right away. There are a number of criteria to choose from;

  • Specialized dating sites. These are special dating sites for people who are into something and have some sort of a hobby. For example, if you love music, you can find girls with similar interests and start texting;

  • Party dating. There are a lot of parties organized in Russia, including the ones with single Russian brides. That means that you will get to meet sexy Russian women who are looking for serious relationships;

  • Dating tours. If you really want to find a Russian bride, but you still don’t live in Russia, then you can go on a dating tour. It usually lasts for about 3-4 days, and you can not only try to find yourself a girlfriend, but also learn more about Russia, its language and the traditions, which is pretty cool.


Develop and visit the places you like, but do not turn the search for the second half into mania. You should not live waiting for a meeting, just enjoy the moment, and you will surely attract the right person into your life.

What to do on the First Date With a Russian Bride?


  1. It is very important to be polite and unobtrusive, do not allow yourself to be intrusive and vulgar, even if it seems to you that the girl behaves relaxedly and quite freely. She may consider you a cheeky person and most likely will not want to continue to meet you. Try to plan in advance what to talk about on the first date with the girl;

  2. Try to avoid stamps and pattern phrases, all people on the planet are distinguished by their individuality, and you are no different. Try to show yourself a little, stand out a bit from the crowd, trivial compliments, especially if they are not sincere, make a very bad impression, and the girls feel it, even if they don’t tell you about it;

  3. Control your speech throughout the conversation. Do not allow yourself to express yourself in the presence of a girl with swear words and discuss someone, especially girls. Do not pour the dirt of all your past love disappointments on your girl;

  4. It will be very useful for you to find out what your girl loves and is interested in. What are her tastes and preferences. This information will be helpful for you - you will know what to talk about on the first date with the girl and this will probably allow you to influence the course of your future relationship. It will be easier for you to pick up gifts and make surprises, and girls really like presents and just love surprises. The most important, in my opinion, is to always stay in a vigorous and good mood, smile more often. It has long been proved that a person with a smile on his face surrounding people willingly trust, and they themselves have improved mood. But just do not overdo it, sometimes you need to be able to take a serious look, otherwise the girl will think that you are laughing at her;

  5. Adequate self-esteem, its embodiment in behavior is a magnet. Subconsciously, people are drawn to such individuals, trying to imitate them, or at least fill themselves with a piece of their energy. A woman walking with a slow, confident walk, or a man with a straight, determined look is a manifestation of pure sexuality.  You won’t be able to raise your self-esteem in a very short time. However, in just a couple of hours you can minimize the manifestations of uncertainty. Here is how you can do it:

  • Choose comfortable clothes;
  • Do not experiment with your appearance (styling, beard trimming, mustache);
  • follow the posture, posture - straighten your shoulders and slightly raise your chin, you will feel better that way;
  • Negotiate a meeting place in advance - it is better to go to a familiar institution or at least choose a location without unusual exoticism;
  • Have a good rest before a date, sleep well, drink a mug of warm milk before bedtime, if the nerves do not allow you to relax;
  1. You do not need to make very open compliments to the girl on the first date and you do not need to praise her highly. If you still have a desire, then try a girl to subtly hint at her beautiful appearance or other personal qualities. Do not say that you like it much and do not try to speak on intimate themes of intimacy. Behave calmly and independently and try not to show that you are deeply in love with a girl and passionately want to get her. At the first date, be more restrained in your emotions towards your interlocutor. Do not show that you want to drag her to bed and do not initially show that you are aiming for it. Do everything possible so that the girl herself wanted to drag you to bed.

  2. Decide almost everything for the girl and take the initiative in everything. Decide which restaurant you want to take the girl to, decide which park you will go to, decide at what time and decide how the girl will get home. Try to make the girl do as little as possible, let her feel calm, so she can get positive emotions and just enjoy dating.

  3. The main rule of correct behavior with a girl is physical contact. Physical contact does not imply arrogant harassment, it provides light and easy touch. You can quietly touch her arm, shoulder or waist, attach her, the main thing - do not go over the edge of reasonable. Remember that no one will like rude behavior.

  4. Girls are very curious creatures. It is quite natural that she will ask and find out different information about you. The most frequently asked questions are about personal life, why it has not yet taken shape, what happened in the past, etc. Get ready for trick questions as well. You should not be too frank, but you need to answer clearly and honestly.

Who are Mail Order Brides?

They are girls who are looking for relationships just like you. They prefer foreign men and the ability to have freedom of choice.

Are Russian Mail Order Brides Legal?

All of the mail order brides are legal, including Russian women. There are some fraud websites, however, so be careful.

Qualities that Attract Russian Brides in Men

  • Any beautiful girl wants the same handsome man with her, No beautiful girl wants to meet sincerely and create a serious relationship with that guy who doesn't take care of himself. Although the appearance is not the main attribute, but elementary hygiene, beautiful and stylish clothes, hairstyle and fragrance should be present in a guy who, even by nature, is not very pretty;

  • Any girl in her life, by nature, is looking for the most powerful man and nothing can be done about it. Therefore, you need to not just tell the girl that you are strong, but to prove in fact how strong you are in the eyes of the girls. This is actually what most guys like. However, there are different types of strength: physical, mental, spiritual;

  • Russian brides love success and prestige in men. All girls strive for a happy and free life. There is nothing wrong with that guy is rich and can afford everything he wants. It does not mean that girls like money in guys the most, it means that girls like guys who have achieved at least something in their lives;

  • Only brave guys have more chances to meet the best girls and women. This is due only to the natural inclinations of girls and women, and, as is known, nature cannot be changed. Therefore, it is better for you to change yourself and become a brave guy with time, then it will become easier for you to meet with beautiful Russian women. Courage is what girls like a lot in guys;

  • The girl always needs care and attention. This is the psychology of women. Therefore, they will always be pleased to receive a lot of attention from the young man. A woman will be delighted with surprises, walks or a romantic dinner. Coffee in bed in the morning, flowers for no reason or a welcome gift for a holiday is a feasible task for any man;

  • Guys do not like stupid girls. And the girls do not like poorly educated guys. You should read more diverse literature, to develop in various industries. An intelligent guy will have more chances to conquer woman’s heart;

  • You should not be overly generous from the very beginning of a relationship. It is necessary to pay for a woman in a cafe or restaurant, but you should not immediately be flooded with expensive gifts. A woman should understand that if she has difficulties with money, then a man will always help her to get through these troubles;

  • Girls like funny and interesting guys. Everyone likes witty jokes, but very few people like clowns. You need to know the brink. Being able to play to joke about yourself is also an excellent character trait;

  • A woman must remain confident that you are one hundred percent faithful to her. There should be no physical or moral treason;

  • It is important for girls to feel protected. They just need to be behind a man like a stone wall. The girl will not meet with the guy who is beaten, but he can not fight back and stand up for himself. She will doubt his ability to protect her in case of danger. Not all men have this quality, but this can and should be sought;

  • The ability to dress stylishly, to understand the technique, cars, wine, music, art, sports, science, and further on the list clearly distinguish you from the crowd. No need to think that the girls like the computer in a stylish case, and not a pleasant young man, beautifully dressed and knowledgeable about cars. Look fashionably dressed is a pretty simple skill. As for everything else, it would be nice to understand things in a couple of realms;


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